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Pedestrian Poles

Spunlite manufacture and supply a range of Pedestrian poles to suit all New Zealand Local Road Authority requirements.

They are available as CHS (round) or octagonal section in a range of heights, all painted black and white to 3m above ground level.

  • Pedestrian crossings
  • Painted Black & White to suit local road authorities specifications
  • 3.0m to 12.0m mounting heights
  • Octagonal or CHS cross section
  • Accessories available:
    • Flashing LED Belisha beacons
    • Belisha beacon disks
    • Rotoflash units
  • 3.0m median pedestrian pole with top mounted Belisha beacon
  • 4.0m and above with Belisha beacon side mounted at 3.0m above GL
  • Height 6.0m and above come with curved or mitred outreach arms
  • Hinged, ground plant or retention socket mounted