Design, Assembly & Installation
- a general guide

Spunlite Poles Ltd build steel poles for all typical utility service applications (e.g. street and floodlighting, traffic, telecommunications, transmission, camera, flag and billboard poles).

The steel
poles are octagonal, hexadecagonal or circular in shape. Poles are made from 2mm to 10mm thick mild steel to form tapered hollow sections of up to 3.6m in length. Sections slide into each other and friction-fit together.

The friction joints have no welding between the sections, with the length of overlap being 1.5 x the female section outside diameter.

The sections once cut from sheet steel are rolled or folded into shape, then longitudinally welded to form hollow
tapered sections. The minimum top diameter is 84mm.

taper can range from 15mm to 25mm (diameter) per metre (length). The sections are hot dip galvanised post fabrication and are nested into each other and freighted to site, where they are pulled together using winches for larger poles or hammered together for smaller poles and then erected.

The benefits of the
tapered sectional poles are: the ease of manufacturing, the ability to hot dip galvanise the complete pole inside and out resulting in good durability, the ease of transporting to site in nested sections (low cost) and self aligning process of the tapered sections to achieve a straight pole.

DesignAssembly MethodInstallation MethodBase ConnectionsBase FoundationsCoatings

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