S Series Outreach Arms
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'S' Series for timber and concrete poles including the former spuncrete 'l', 't' & 'a' poles

S22, S20, S12 arms (To mount to timber and concrete poles)






2.4m, 1.8m, 1.1m outreach arm height extensions      (For S01, S12 & S20 arms)

 Connection Detail Example

1.1m arm extension (0.5m height extension)

1.8m arm extension (1.2m height extension)

2.4m arm extension (1.8m height extension)





S01, S03 arms (To mount to timber and concrete poles)

SO1                             SO3

S02, S05, S18 (To mount to cross-arm on timber and concrete poles)

S02                         S05


S19 (To mount to a timber pole, supported by the cross arm)


S19a (Telescopic Outreach Arm)
This outreach arm has been specially developed to allow installers to adjust outreach length, height and angle on site. This is useful when mounting outreach arms to existing poles which have different heights and alignment. The arms can be set so the mounting heights of the lights are similar.

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