NZ Patent #245556

The TITAN R & L (Raising and Lowering) system is the perfect solution for those areas that will prove difficult to access for floodlight servicing. The pole is supplied with its own removable motor unit that, when inserted into the control box located inside the door of the pole (typically at waist height), allows the headframe to unlock itself and lower slowly to an adjustable comfortable working height allowing for easy maintenance. The added benefit is that power remains connected to the floodlights throughout the process allowing for easy fault-finding and testing unless the technician decides otherwise. Cutting the power to the floodlights while still operating the headframe is via a simple isolating switch located inside the door of the pole.

Testing R & L













A new R & L headframe mounted to our testing pole after fabrication on our test pad in Christchurch


  • Manufactured to your specified mounting height
  • Fully enclosed pulley system
  • Stainless steel cable - no corrosion
  • 600 kg head frame/winch capacity
  • Permanent winch
  • Suspension steering head frame
  • Removable 3 phase motor drive
  • Integrated locking mechanism
  • Multiple head frame and winch options

Watch our video on the
SPUNLITE R & L pole in action

Please contact our office for specific details on the Spunlite R & L pole.

Safety Features

  • Stand away remote control
  • Automatic clutch in drive unit
    - eliminates overloading cable and winch
  • Visual signal confirming head frame is
    locked and secure at mounting height


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