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Swing Wing

The Spunlite Swing Wing pole, also known as the see saw or mid hinge pole, eliminate the requirement for working at height. Equipment located at the top of the pole can be accessed easily by using a simple mechanical lowering system which only needs to be operated by one or two people.

The need for a cherry picker, climbing system or a elevated platform is eliminated and as a result reducing the health and safety risk to staff and contractors.


The Spunlite Swing Wing Pole

When pole equipment maintenance is required, a rope of predetermined length is attached to the tail of the pole, the counterbalanced pivoting tail is unlocked and rotated, allowing the headframe to swing gently down to a comfortable working height.

The Spunlite Swing Wing poles reduces risks associated with health and safety, and can reduce the cost of maintenance and repair infrastructure.

  • Storage Yards
  • Vehicle¬†Parks
  • Secure Areas
  • Remote locations
  • Sports Grounds
  • Air, Land & Seaports
  • Communications
  • CCTV
  • Flange base or ground plant
  • Heights from 5.0m to 18.0m
  • Designed and manufactured for your specified mounting height and floodlighting requirements¬†
  • 8 or 12 sided depending on height and loadings
  • Tail locking mechanism
  • Counterbalanced specifically for the specified equipment at the top of the pole
  • Multiple head frame options


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