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Telecommunication poles or masts can be seen everywhere from urban to rural areas and Spunlite can design and manufacture a pole to suit every use and location.

Telecommunication structures are specially designed to mount aerials, antennae and supporting accessories which include radio units, amplifiers and microwave linking dishes.

Poles for Urban areas range from smaller joint use streetlighting poles to smaller dedicated cell phone transmission masts. Where as poles for rural areas tend to be larger structures, either free standing or guyed tubular or lattice types. With some of these poles being located on an elevated site to enable data linking over long distances, they feature very rigid constructions to survive the arduous wind, snow and ice loads while maintaining service.

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  • Cell phone signal reception and transmission
  • Microwave linking
  • AM and FM radio transmission
  • Weather station data collection and transmission
  • Local Wi-Fi networks
  • Amateur radio
  • Dedicated networks for Power transmission companies, Police and other Government agencies
  • Standard design or custom design as required
  • Light weight construction
  • Options for aerial installation and maintenance visa climbing rungs or ladders with fall protection systems
  • Hot dipped galvanized with an option of additional painting for durability and for aesthetics
  • Free standing sectional masts allowing assembly on site
  • Guyed sectional masts
  • Free standing
  • Guyed
  • Foundation options including:
    • Ground planted
    • Flange based with concrete foundation
    • Ground stub mounted
  • Mid hinged or base hinged for maintenance at ground level