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Hazardous Area

Spunlite is the exclusive agent for Hawke hazardous area cable glands and connections and Chalmit hazardous area luminaires.

The Hawke agency provides the full range of hazardous area cable glands, power, control and fibre optic hazardous area plugs and connectors, and hazardous area junction boxes.

Chalmit provides the latest technology in LED fitting luminaires. They also support their legacy florescent and discharge fittings and can provide retrofit trays to upgrade to LED. All while remaining fully certified.

As both Hawke and Chalmit are part of the wider Hubbell group, meaning that Spunlite also has access to Killark, Victor and their full range of hazardous equipment.

Chalmit Lights Chalmit Lights
Hawke Glands Hawke Glands
Hawke Connectors Hawke Connectors

For more information on our hazardous area range contact David Evans, National Traffic and Electrical Products Manager.