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The following information is intended to provide a guide only for the installation of Spunlite sectional steel columns. It is in no way intended to supercede any procedures already in place by any individual, company or local authority nor should it be considered an ‘instruction manual’. Because ground conditions can vary from location to location, it is the requirement of the installer to ensure that a suitable foundation design has been approved by the project principal for each installation. If required, Spunlite Poles Ltd can offer a fully engineered foundation design service specific to your project on receipt of site geotechnical reports.

Procedure for lifting and installing of fully assembled Spunlite steel sectional lighting columns of any size. This procedure should reduce the possibility of the pole sections coming apart and falling to the ground however if in doubt, contact our office prior to any lifting taking place.

Sectional steel columns are held together by a friction fit of the overlapping joints. It is only
friction that holds the pole sections in place and when lifting the complete column, a second sling or ratchet tie down is required to be attached to the pole at the lifting point and the lowest available opening in the pole (e.g. the fuse access opening or preferably the cable entry for ground planted columns).

Hazard Management
The additional sling or strop (referred to above) is specifically an aid to reduce the chance of the main lifting strop or chain slipping and any pole sections coming apart. It IS NOT intended to be used as the main lifting mechanism for installing or removing poles. Suitable site hazard management in accordance with local authority and your internal company procedures should be in place prior to any work being undertaken. The entire work area should include traffic and pedestrian management throughout the duration of the on-site work being carried out.
It is also advisable to ensure that the ground immediately surrounding the site is suitable or supported with appropriate bearers to allow for the extendable feet on the lifting truck or crane to be able to support the additional weight during the lifting of the column.

Lifting Equipment

  • Hiab truck, crane or similar is used to lift and erect the column. Ensure the machine has the capacity to cope with the height and weight of the column
  • 1 x ratchet tie down and 1 x suitable chain (1 for lifting and the other for securing the sections in place during the lift)
  • 2 x heavy duty spanners suitable for tightening the galvanised nuts on flange or shear based columns
  • Magnetic spirit level
  • Torque Wrench
  • Teflon aerosol spray (or similar) for lubricating bolt threads


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