Flood Lighting
-high mast/special purpose

Poles are circular or hexadecagonal and usually between 22 and 70 metres in height. Climbing rungs or ladders are maintenance access options for High Masts. Special poles such as Swing Wings (see-saw) and Raising/Lowering can provide alternative ground level maintenance access options. Flange based pad or pile foundation otions are available.

For flood lighting poles less than 22 metres in height, see General Purpose flood lighting poles or SHS sections for further information.


























At the commencement of 'professional' rugby many major
stadiums throughout New Zealand received substantial upgrades and with the introduction of live televised night
matches, purpose-built flood lighting poles became a key factor in delivering the lighting required to broadcast the games throughout New Zealand and the world. Spunlite Poles Ltd is recognised as a leader in design, manufacture and on-site assembly and is proud of its reputation for delivering a purpose-built product that has assisted broadcasting New Zealand to the world.

For additional information and examples of our specific High Mast, Special Purpose flood lighting projects, see our major projects section.


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