- protection from the elements

To ensure all of our products can withstand the harsh New Zealand climate, constant care and attention is given to the protective coatings applied as part of our manufacture process. We endeavour to exceed the relevant standards required for all coating applications - hot dip galvanising, metal spray, powder coating or wet-spray painting are all inspected and audited as part of our quality system.

All of our carbon steel manufactured product, as well as being built to all relevant structural standards, is Hot Dip Galvanised to the current joint Australia/New Zealand standard (AS/NZS4680:2006) and we typically find the required minimum thickness of ‘galv’ is exceeded. This has been proven time and time again when our quality audit calls for a measurement of thickness to be taken and recorded. For the required Transit New Zealand standard (TNZ M/19) and Local Body requirement, a two-pack epoxy paint system also applied to the area (in most cases) 100mm above and 400mm below the finished ground line for ground planted poles and in the case of shear based poles, from the underside of the shear flange down to 475mm, or in some cases the entire length, of the below ground section.

Poles packed and ready for dispatch. Note the two-pack epoxy paint system over the hot dip galvanised finish.








An octagonal pole being painted in one of two
on-site negative-vacuum, dry filter, totally
enclosed wet-spray booths.

A choice is offered to the client on whether to leave the product in a hot dip galvanised finish only or, based on cost and durability for inland, non-polluted sites (where coating degradation will be least) and for polluted (industrial) and coastal sites where the coatings can be more aggressively attacked, continue on with a paint system to provide a more aesthetically pleasing product. In addition, a gloss polyester powder coat is another option.






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