Base Connections
- a general guide

Square and circular base plates are standard. Square base plates are typically for octagonal poles below 16m in height. Circular base plates are for all circular, hexadecagonal and octagonal poles above 16m in height. Alternative hinge or shear base connections are also available. See below for drawings and size tables of base options.

All base connections which are not standard will be designed specifically for each situation. We will happily discuss any special requirements and provide information on request.







Offset Hinge-based pole










Bridge Mount Bracket

Pole built into bridge handrail


Square Base Plates

Isometric Elevation Plan

all measurements are in mm unless otherwise stated


Circular Base Plates

Elevation Plan Isometric

all measurements are in mm unless otherwise stated

Shear Base Connection

Internal Bolt and Gusset Base Connection

Hinge Base Connection

(1) base plate and foundation sizes can be specifically designed for each
project. The tables are intended as a general guide and will vary substantially due to location and windage area. (2) PCD = pitch circle diameter. H/D = holding down bolts.
O/D = outside diameter. A/F = across flats of octagonal or multi-sided poles.

Contact us today about your project and let our design experience help make your project easy.


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