Spunlite Assembly
- a general guide

General Information
Sectional steel poles are designed to join using a 'friction joint' method. This system works on the basis that a tapered 'male' section end (top of larger section) is compressed into another tapered 'female' section (bottom of smaller section) forming a rigid pole. The lap length when tight should be approximately 1.5 times the 'across flats' for octagonal and multi-sided pole sections, and 1.5 times the diameter of the round pole sections, this measurement is taken from the outside diameter at the bottom of the female section. It is important that all sections are lapped to a point where no further movement is able to be achieved. 

Your Delivery Site
Poles will be delivered on truck to your nominated address. The pole sections are typically ‘nested’ with the smaller sections slipped inside the larger and secured onto a pallet. This provides an economic and tidy bundle for transport. At time of accepting delivery, ensure you check the bundle is still tidy, intact but more importantly, during transport, there has been no damage to the product. If any damage has been sustained, prior to signing for delivery, endorse the consignment note as ‘damaged’, point out the damage to the delivery driver and immediately call our office.

Before attempting to assemble your pole, check that all surfaces are free from any matter that may impede friction joining the lap length. Select a level area to assemble each pole near to its intended installation location. 

Assembly Equipment


  • Wire cutters
  • Timber bearers
  • Sledgehammer or wooden maul
  • Tape measure and marker pen

Streetlighting Columns

  • Steel wire rope (only for winch method)
  • 2-tonne 'Tirfor' Winch (only required for winch method)
  • Ratchet Tie Down (only for ratchet tie down method)

All other columns (above 12m mounting height)

  • Steel wire rope (length of column + 3.0 metres)
  • One or *two 5-tonne 'Tirfor' Winch (* required for 30m or higher poles)
  • 'Tirfor' frame


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a full PDF version of suggested assembly methods.

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