Spunlite Poles Ltd is the registered New Zealand agent for the following companies involved in associated lighting products:

  • Royce Thompson
  • Hawke International
  • Chalmit

The following information shows a brief overview of the products. Detailed information is available on request.

Royce Thompson (UK) photocells / daylight switches

Royce Thompson Logo

Royce Thompson (UK) has been serving the lighting industry for over 40 years and has been a leader and innovator in the field of photocontrols for lighting throughout that period. Royce Thompson call on their combined expertise in electronics, engineering and world class manufacturing methods to produce photocontrols designed to meet the changing market conditions.

Spunlite Poles Ltd has been the New Zealand agent for Royce Thompson for over 30 years.

P12R Rotaloc socket (Nema Base)
P42 P5 RTE Rotaflash

Hawke International

With over 30 years experience in manufacturing, Hawke connectors are renowned for their quality and exceptional strength in the demanding environments of Oil, Gas, Petrochemical and other hazardous industries.

Cable Glands, Cable Connectors, GRP and Stainless Steel Enclosures as well as Transformer Breathers and a complete range of accessories are just some of the vast range available for EExd and EExe rated applications. The Hawke range covers the whole spectrum of fittings from general industrial through to advanced flame, gas and explosion-proof installations.

Chalmit (UK) hazardous area lighting

Chalmit Logo

Chalmit Lighting is a world-leading supplier of premium quality fluorescent and HID lighting products for use in hazardous area, industrial and marine environments. To meet the demands of global project specifications we can provide a complete product range that complies with all international codes and standards. Pictured below are four examples of the Chalmit range.

Chalmit Evolution II Floodlight Chalmit Eclipse II Dome Reflector Chalmit Nexled II

Chalmit 'Protecta II' fluorescent


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