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Complete Design Service
As part of our philosophy, we provide a quality design service to match our quality manufacture. We will design and quote any custom made pole designs. We can design to strength and deflection criteria for poles, attachments, base connections and foundations, provide computer generated drawings of the designed product as well as an Engineering Producer Statement (PS1). We will happily provide assistance and information as you require. Our computer design software allows for fast, flexible design which will optimise the pole size and wall thickness to provide a highly efficient, cost effective solution to
your project.


Steel Poles
Octagonal, hexadecagonal and circular steel sectional poles are typically made from 2 to 10mm thick mild steel (Fy = 250MPa). Alternative materials are high strength steels, aluminium or stainless steel. After fabrication, all carbon steel is hot dip galvanised for a long service life. Other additional coatings can be applied on request such as our in-house high-build paint system (see ‘Coatings’ section). Octagonal poles typically range in height from 3 to 18 metres. Hexadecagonal and circular poles typically range in height from 12 to 70 metres.


Advanced Technology Manufacturing
We are proud to offer clients a precision-made product thanks to the very latest computer technology incorporated into our robotic manufacturing process. The purpose-built machine interfaces directly with our engineering and design software to ensure your product is produced to the exact specifications and tolerances required.




Assembly Options
Some projects require quite specific tolerances and equipment as part of assembly. Our experienced staff are available to offer an on-ground, on-site assembly service for your project and can advise on lifting the pole into place.

Contact one of our Project Managers regarding this service.

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